The Flipped Classroom

What is the Flipped Classroom? The Flipped Classroom is a term that has been used so often in the past years that I decided to check it out in 2013. I teach English Language Learners in an Intensive English Program in a university setting. The students come from  at least four different countries. The goal of the program is to prepare the students to enter the university. The majority of the students have declared their majors and have been admitted on the condition that they can exit our program or pass the TOEFL or IELTS test. 

These students must be able to read, write, listen, and speak well enough in a matter of less than one year if they begin in the Basic Level. Our classes are eight week sessions. How is a teacher able to do this with just the time allotted in the classroom? It is impossible.

Flipping the class allows the teacher to give assignments that require students to view videos and answer questions on their own time. Students report to class to discuss and  analyze the information gathered and recorded from their homework. The students are able to do their homework when and where they feel the most comfortable and the teacher can have the students practice their speaking skills in the classroom.

This enables students to be more responsible for their learning.